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HOME owners who have installed or will install the Future Wave Energy Saver for swimming pool pumps can now access a Queensland government rebate of $150.

The government program offers a cash rebate for Queensland's pool owners who install the energy saver to their pool pump, which delivers up to 75% in power savings.

It is a plug-in retrofit device that primes the pool's plumbing system before its energy saving mode kicks in and reduces power consumption during operation.

Future Wave directors said the inclusion of the Queensland company's energy saving product in the government's cashback program was an endorsement of its effectiveness and a great pat on the back for the local inventors and manufacturers. 

"From our lab research and customer feedback we understood the Future Wave Energy Saver's capability but recognition by government is important for us and for consumers considering switching to a cleaner, greener and cheaper pumping technology.

"It's an easy and simple solution that saves money by using less energy to run your pool pump for the same amount of time. It also provides lower maintenance costs and much lower noise pollution, meaning pumps can be run outside of peak or daylight hours to take advantage of better electricity tariffs and further rebates.

The device has undergone independent testing & shows it could turn an inefficient two star single speed pump into an eight star pump.

Turn your pool pump in to a energy efficient pump that saves you 75% in running costs.